ACEO’s – I’m going to try again :)

Some days I have so many ideas in my head, it’s ready to explode but I have great dificulty actually starting/doing any of them because I just can’t decide which ones to progress with! The other problem I have is hubby – I love him to bits but after 20 years of my ‘bright’ ideas and whimsies, he has a kinda ‘oh oh, here’s comes another fad’ sort of look.

When I first joined Etsy, I came across ACEO’s so I tried some in my shop but not much happened. I think it’s because they were photographic rather than ‘real’ art but now I’m wondering! There’s a huge thread running in the Etsy forum at the moment and from some of the input from collectors, they’re not so much against photos but as collectors, they are looking for originals or limited editions and most photographic ACEO’s don’t really fit that condition.

So I’ve had my thinking cap on for a couple of days now and came up with another ‘bright’ idea. If I play with one of my photos in photoshop until I’m happy, then print it and don’t save it – it will be unique :-)

Bit like this one – I’ve somehow managed to delete the ‘worked’ file on my hard drive so all I have is one sheet of ACEO sized prints already printed and no files to reprint from – accidentally limited but hey, it’s a start!