Astrantia – in all their Glory

I finally found out what this flower is called! It’s an Astrantia and I’ve seen it in deep wine colours through to pale green/almost white. It spreads pretty well and looks after itself apparently which is probably why it’s also called Hens & Chicks (not to be confused with the Sempervivum’s). Not much to blather about today so just enjoy the piccies :)


5 thoughts on “Astrantia – in all their Glory

  1. What a unique and beautiful bloom. Gorgeous colour!

  2. Very unusual flower. I have never seen Hen and Chicks in bloom like this. Happy GTS,<br>Aiyana

  3. LOL no problem. I&#39;m just fascinated by the different scents of botanicals. Your photos are gorgeous.

  4. Sorry Blossomingtree – I was so busy shooting them and trying not to cause an obstruction, I didn&#39;t take the time to notice a fragrance. I can&#39;t even go back to find out &#39;cos they&#39;re in a private garden – doh! If I see anymore, I&#39;ll stick my nose in to find out, OK? :)

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