Calla Lily


This week has been a calla lily week! Mum bought me a beautiful calla lily last year but until about 3 weeks ago, the pot appeared empty. Then the shoots started to pop through and now I have a full pot of leaves with 8 flowers so far. This has also coincided with Mum’s pink callas blooming but she only has 2 flowers on her plant!

I’m not an expert but I haven’t seen many callas like mine. The leaves have white spots on them and the flowers are a darkish purple with white edges. Luckily for me, my pot is also one of the last things in my garden to stay in the evening sun so it’s featuring heavily in my Day2Day challenge too :)

Yesterday I was shooting some abstracts (following on from an earlier post) and Mum popped over for coffee bringing treats with her – a tub of fresh picked cherries and one of her 2 calla flowers. A cat (probably) had damaged the stem so she thought I might like to photograph it. How cool is my Mum?

Well, I loved the idea and set to work and I’ve been really pleased with the results – abstract idea + calla = some really good shots! I think I may have to play with the colour on the 3rd one (right hand side) to try to make it tone in with the other two but then I will have a lovely calla triptych to frame and hang on my wall (if hubby will let me have pink on the wall of course!).
15705-Calla-detail-2 15729-Calla-heart 15708-Calla-detail

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  1. absolutely beautiful shots and angles.<br>A great subject to shoot!!

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