Darling Dahlias

Not much to talk about garden-wise this week, it’s been another wet and grey week but with sunny spells whilst I’ve been at work. The green bug is still sitting on the same flower, the new auriculas Mum potted up and left with me to look after, are still alive and the special Morning Glory (Convolvulus) is climbing its’ frame very nicely thank you. I haven’t killed anything yet but I’m guessing that’s because of all the rain and me not having to water all those pots!

I begged a Dahlia from my neighbour yesterday (it was calling to me when I opened my bedroom curtains) and set up my little table top studio. I am so pleased I did! To say I am chuffed to bits is probably the understatement of the year! It follows along my abstract experiment (although it’s not that abstract) – anyway here is my pride and joy from yesterday 😀

Hope you all have a good week, see you next time xx

6 thoughts on “Darling Dahlias

  1. I love the triptych!<br>are you using some sort of filter? It looks beautiful!

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