Day2Day – Bug Week!

It didn’t start out as a bug week

but after snapping the butterfly on the now blooming buddleia and noticing the green bug was still hanging around the osteospermums, it sort of went that way of its’ own accord.

The huge spider invaded my space on Wednesday which kind of sealed the theme for the week! Luckily I’m not scared of spiders – just as well really – this one was probably one of the largest British ones I’ve ever seen.
Mum bought me a Golden Hop to cover some boring fences last year. This year it has almost taken over one side of the garden but the white butterflies seem to like it. This pair were sitting like this for well over an hour – I’m not sure they would have noticed if I’d stuck a great big lens right in their faces but I gave them some space by using my zoom :)
This fella buzzed me whilst I was trying to shoot some bumble bees on the buddleia. So it made my afternoon and really topped off my Bug Week with a bang. We don’t see many dragonflies round here and certainly not at rest within lens reach :)
Have a lovely weekend – I’ve already got a loose theme planned for next week but first I’m going to enjoy some of this sunshine they have forecasted and take a well deserved veg-out day:)

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  1. i have the shivers, bugs!

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