Day2Day – Flying through!

Hubby is treating me to a spa day for our anniversary so I’m just gonna post and run on this weeks shots – bit of a mixed bunch again as I’ve just started a new job and have run out of time to be organised every evening this week.

Monday – light tent again – this is a tiny lava pebble with peridot included.

Tuesday – light tent semi permanently set up at the moment – constant reminder to shoot some stock and really quick grab shots for project365! – This is the back side of the dried sunflower I posted last week but just as interesting in its own way.

Wednesday – the weather started to improve so I took a lunchtime walk up the road a bit – this crane is near the little quayside within a few minutes of the office.

Thursday – not quite such a nice day but the tide was out and this is the mud flats of the river estuary – not the prettiest place in the world but definitely different and interesting :)

Friday – more light tent work with the macro – a morning glory in blue – not photoshopped – it really is this gorgeous colour. I saw a kingfisher down by the river this morning – will definitely be taking my camera to work again next week – telephoto and tripod too this time :)

See you next week – wish me luck with the kingfisher!

4 thoughts on “Day2Day – Flying through!

  1. Hi Arty<br>have you been to Borough Market? If not you should go. A photographers paradise. I had a great time there yesterday- such wonderful colours and textures. <br>Sharne(School House Arts)

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