Day2Day – Views From My Armchair

Just a quick post and run this week I’m afraid. I’ve had a day off work today for a rest but so much has happened, been done, got sorted out – I’m thinking perhaps I should have gone to work for a rest! LOL

Anyway, this week I have been lazy – I have taken all these shots from my old armchair on our verandah – sounds posh doesn’t it? Well, it’s not! It’s basically a small deck area on the back of the house and we’ve put some posts up and roofed it in clear plastic panels – we needed somewhere out of the sun to dry our scuba kit and as the garden is north facing, we couldn’t see the point of spending loads of money to put a proper conservatory out there. So I dug out my 300mm zoom lens and tried to make some pretty photos without getting up – yes, I’ve pulled some funny positions but my bum was on the chair for every shot!

Day 1 – the yellow osteospermum – home to the infamous green bug thing from previous posts! After several weeks, I’m sad to report, the green bug seems to have moved on :(Day 2 – Not sure what it’s latin name is but we call it an iceplant – I have a pink and a red one and like everything else in the garden this year, this is going bananas!

Day 3 – my lovely purple and cream callas are fading now, slowly turning green and tightening up again. This was Wednesday, today (Friday) they have almost all flopped over so it’s time to say a fond farewell and hope they do as well again next year.

Day 4 – I turned my lens slightly skyward for this one – my neighbour has this beautiful pink rose climbing over an arch over her gate. The bluetits and wren love this rosebush and can be seen bug hunting regularly. Watching the baby starlings trying to land on some of the long shoots can be very funny too.

Day 5 – The end of another busy week and this lone pigeon sits cooing on Mum’s tv aerial. The clouds were so pretty as a backdrop and I don’t do many silhouettes so I thought it was worth a few clicks.

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  1. Oh my! How I wish I didn&#39;t kill all green things I touch. :(<br><br>Those callas are wonderful!!

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