Day2Day – week 8 – Butterflies

This week has been rather OK-ish weatherwise so my garden surprise visitor (the Buddleia) has been covered in all sorts of wildlife including some butterflies I hadn’t seen before so here they are!

Day 1 – a Large White Butterfly – I think it’s the pattern on the wing tips that decide whether it’s a large or small white one!

Day 2 – It’s my tatty neighbour again from a previous week but I called it a tortoiseshell and it’s not. It’s a Comma, I think. I had another this week that I had never seen before so I had to look it up on Google. I found a lovely Butterfly identification site here and while I was looking, I saw this one there so managed to find out exactly what it was.

Day 3 – A Painted Lady – I knew straight away that I would need to ID this one – haven’t seen it since either so I was really lucky that it stayed where it was long enough for me to run upstairs, grab my camera, change to my zoom lens and get some shots!

Day 4 – A Small Heath butterfly – another I had to look up. This was was wandering round Mum’s coneflowers and I knew I didn’t have time to run for the zoom lens so this is my everyday lens and a tight crop :)

And Day 5 – My favourite British butterfly – a Peacock. When we decided to let the weed grow that is now an 8ft Buddleia, I was secretly hoping for a summer full of butterflies. We had a huge dark purple one in our garden when I was a child and I was always fascinated by these lovely delicate creatures. This beauty has visited for the first time today – just in time to make me smile in the sunshine and to fill slot number 5 in my day2day post :)

I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep this up for 8 weeks already. It seems like only a couple of weeks since we started but I’m really enjoying it so here’s to the next 8 weeks! I guess it’s going to be a lot harder during the winter due to lack of light but I’ll just have to get my thinking cap on for some interesting Still Life shots, won’t I?

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  1. You are so luck to have so many beautiful butterflies in your garden! Your photos are great

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