Day2Day – wk 7 – Just an Ifit week

What’s an Ifit I hear you ask? If it got in front of my lens, it had it’s photo taken! Very similar to my ifit meals – if it’s in the fridge, throw it in the pan (also known as a sort of stir fry). Also a pretty horrid week all round and to top it off, I have failed to do a photo today so only 4 this week :(

Day 1 – Monday I tried to cook a cake to send to Lazygiraffe over on Etsy. We’ve been partnered up in a Cake Swap. This is the devastation of my kitchen after cooking AND it wasn’t very nice either!

Day 2 – Tuesday and all the neighbourhood starlings decided my roof was the best for a party! I love watching them when they all fly up together but boy, do they make a noise meantime!
Day 3 – Wednesday and the sun came out for a while. This beauty (Red Admiral) was so busy stuffing his face, he didn’t take any notice of me or my camera! I have cropped this one quite heavily so you can see his eye and his tongue (proboscis) quite clearly (only if you want to, of course!).

and Day 4, Thursday. Just yesterday morning, I heard a news report that the small tortoiseshell butterfly numbers have dropped 80% since the 1990’s. I hadn’t seen one all summer then just one day after hearing the report, there were two of them on my buddleia. This poor fellow has a very tatty wing so I’m guessing he’s either been attacked by a bird (and got away) or he’s an old boy.

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  1. Arty – These photos are beautiful, as always. Great catches on the Red Admiral and tortoisesheel. Love seeing these Day2Day posts.<br>Peace, Judi

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