Etsy-versary Competition

Well, I did promise a post about my Etsy-versary coming up on 30th March so here it is! I know lots of Etsians do giveaways or discounts for their anniversary but I wanted to do things a little different. I’ve also just noticed that this will be my 30th post so in honour of the 30 link between the two – I’m going to run a little competition here and offer a choice of prints or notecards from my Etsy shop to a value of $30 :)

The winner will not be restricted to those images showing in my shop – a quick visit to one of my stock portfolios (I think Lucky Oliver has the largest portfolio) will give a much wider choice or if you’d like one of the watercolours that I’ve featured in my earlier blog posts – that will be OK too.
Just have a guess what this close-up is a photo of and leave a comment. All the correct commenters will go in a hat/bowl and I will pull a name out. I will contact you to find out what you would like and get your address and we sort everything out from there – oh happy days!

Competition closes Midnight GMT Monday 31st March – this is 5 hours ahead of Etsy time so 7pm Etsy time but I’m not sure about the rest of the world!! :)

15 thoughts on “Etsy-versary Competition

  1. I got it, I got it .. a pen-knife!<br><br>(honestly, I got it before I saw everyone else&#39;s comments!)

  2. I thought swiss army knife too! I hope we aren&#39;t all wrong! Great idea

  3. Looks like a Swiss Army knife to me. Great photo.

  4. Swiss army knife!! Oh no, beaten to it! That was fun though :-)

  5. I am guessing a swiss army knife as well. Too bad other people guessed it first. Neat picture by the way.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and what a great competition you have here! I think your image is of a trusty swiss army knife, these always make me think of Billy Connoly and his sketch about the Swiss Army going into battle with these tiny knives!!

  7. I will guess Swiss army knife too. the twisty thing looks like it belongs on a knife. :)

  8. I&#39;m with crazy – it looks like a pocket knife – cool game!

  9. swiss army knife?<br><br>I love cryptic stuff like that!

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