Eye Em – A New Market For Your Portfolio

Urban Spring Fever – St Louis

About 3 months ago, I uploaded a large portion of my microstock portfolio to the Eye Em Marketplace and added a few older images from my library as well as a few new ones. I absolutely adore the way my images look on their site – large previews make for a bold display of my portfolio page and when clicking through to check out an image closer, any buyer can see the quality of the image quite clearly.

It’s really simple to upload to Eye Em and they have a keyword suggestion system which makes that task so much easier. You don’t have to put your images up for sale either – so it’s a combination site – much like Flickr to show off images but with the potential for sales. There’s also a community element to the site although I haven’t really got involved yet.

I haven’t sold anything there yet but I have loads of images to process and upload yet so I’m hoping it’s a numbers game again and eventually my portfolio will be found by the buyers.

One of the things I really like about Eye Em is their blog – they have regular competitions/challenges which they call Missions – sometimes it seems almost daily but entry is as simple as adding a specific keyword to your image so the frequency is not a problem. I like this feature because it tends to coincide with what customers are looking for so if you don’t have an image that is suitable, you can go out and shoot one.Over time, I’m sure that can only be a helpful way to increase your portfolio.

The image above was one of my entries to the Urban Spring Fever Mission – I didn’t win anything but I might not have considered this image for Eye Em as it is a mobile phone picture. That’s another great thing about Eye Em – they positively encourage mobile phone images and they accept editorial images too!

Eye Em also has connections with Getty Images and Alamy. When you submit your images for inspection, if the inspectors think your image is good enough, you will get an email telling you it’s been accepted for one of the other collections. Having been a member at iStock since before Getty took over, it has always been my ambition to have images chosen for their site and now, thanks to Eye Em, I have quite a few over there!

I’m going to withhold my judgement on whether this will be a good income site for me but as far as site layout, functions and looks go, I love it. It’s so easy, it has to be worth a try if you want to sell your photos too.