Green Bug Thingy

Not sure what this little critter is but it looks like a bit like a grasshopper to me or maybe it’s a cricket but I’ve never seen a cricket so I can’t say! Anyway, I was playing with my macro lens and have decided that it’s a tricky pest (the lens, that is) especially without a tripod. These shots are hand held but even so, the depth of field is so shallow, huge chunks of the picture are out of focus. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to as most of my favourite shots are fairly straight, in focus type shots not arty-farty, soft focus, abstract ones.

I’ve been working on some more abstract shots though so once I’ve processed them, I’ll post them here for some opinions :)

As for the question I posed the other day – yes, the tulip one is the photoshop soft focus one. The rose is almost straight from camera.

4 thoughts on “Green Bug Thingy

  1. I think it's a cricket, they sound beautiful in the evening. Great shots.

  2. Definitely not an aphid, just a bit big for that! This little critter is about 1.5cm or 0.5inch (without the antennae). I'm pretty sure it must be cricket family. Gonna try to find him again and get some more shots but use a tripod next time!

  3. your bug almost looks like a camel cricket. We have them here, but they are brown.<br>great photos!

  4. my first thought as to what the bug is, is that it is an Aphid, but it doesn&#39;t look exactly like one.strange.

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