Grey Day, Camera at Play :)

So today was one of those grey days where you don’t go out without a raincoat or an umbrella but even so, it was quite bright so out came my new little pocket camera and off to the weir I went.

Although the weir was running pretty fast, the river itself was almost mirror-like – reflecting the dark grey clouds looming over us.

I flipped this one over but I think it’s quite difficult to tell that it is 100% reflection!

So how many people do you think are standing at the rail? Actually, it was just me. Used the colourise function in photoshop to give it a hint of blue tone – I was getting fed up with all the grey.

2 thoughts on “Grey Day, Camera at Play :)

  1. Hi Judy, it's a weir with the water really fast flowing.

  2. Lovely shots, Helen. Is the last one a reflection in the water or a window or ??? I love it, whatever it is.<br>Peace, Judi

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