Image of the Month December 2015 – New Series Idea

The Basilica, St Louis - Dec 15
The Basilica, St Louis – Dec 15

I’ve been in the USA for 7 months now and taking lots of photos as I learn my way around St Louis and my newly adopted home area but I’ve been slacking in posting my new work anywhere. So I thought I’d start here by posting my favorite photo each month. These won’t necessarily be images that I upload to my microstock or art sites. Many are taken on my mobile phone so they don’t all meet the quality control standards but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of being shown.

So I’m starting with a photo taken in December 2015 – my first month here in St Louis. I’ve seen the Basilica many times from the bus in passing but on this day, it was such a lovely warm day, we decided to walk a few stops further than usual. This is one image I will be uploading to my Eye Em portfolio as they accept phone pics and I can’t see any major quality issues with it. Hopefully someone in St Louis will need a good picture of the Basilica one day and I might make a sale from it!

My friend Joe published a few of his images on Facebook from inside the Basilica recently which has just made me want to get inside and take some photos too.