Image of the Month – January 2016

City Diner at The Fox, Early Morning, St Louis

One of my favorite places in St Louis has always been the City Diner – maybe because it is literally just across the road or perhaps because the staff there have always made me feel so welcome. As a woman, I think it can be a little daunting to sit & eat alone, even if you have your head stuck in a book or glued to your phone so feeling safe and welcome is a big thing for me.

This definitely isn’t the best example of a sunburst photograph but it’s my favorite corner of the Diner and I spend most of the winter months dodging that glare which is a bit silly really as I could sit anywhere I like at 7am. I like the sunflare and how the lights still show up plus the mirrors on the right still catch the reflection of the big Baptist Church across the road.

I’m usually one of the first customers through the door as Scott leaves for work at 5am each day and by 7am, I am dying for my coffee fix! It also means the staff have time for a little chat which gives me a small dose of social interaction each day too. Sadly, it’s not doing anything great for my waistline though!

January was kind of grey, miserable and very, very cold which also mirrored my mood as I hit the big 5-0 but actually, just a few months on from that & I’m feeling much better now the summer is here.