I’ve been tagged – Twice :)

I’ve been “tagged” – a great way to introduce yourself to other bloggers. Sakura tagged my blog a few days ago, so I’ll do that one first whilst I put my thinking cap on for Judys’.

Sakuras’ challenge was to reveal 6 secrets and tag 5 other bloggers so here goes

1) I have a tiny dolphin tattoo at the top of my thigh. I love tattoos on other people but wasn’t brave enough to have mine on show. It hurt a fair bit too so I’m glad I didn’t dive in at the deep end and start with a large one!

2) I have never wanted children and nothing has made me change my mind yet! It’s not that I don’t like them, I do, I’m just not maternal I guess.

3) I can talk to almost anyone, anywhere so I’m definitely not shy but I still lack confidence, no matter how I come across :(

4) I miss my grandmother so much.

5) I love nutella and peanut butter but I can’t eat them on bread – I have to eat them with a spoon (but not at the same time)! Just a few spoonfuls is usually enough to satisfy any nibble cravings.

6) I have an addictive personality – I get really into something and I have to do it at every opportunity for about 6 months – then one day, I’ll give it a miss for some reason and never go back to it. That’s why I have a box of knitting stuff, one for ceramics, one of genealogy papers and one of part finished cross stitches. It’s also why I don’t gamble, play fruit machines or computer games – I just don’t have time! Photography is about the only thing that has lasted – 6 years and counting :)

So who to tag?

Nodins Nest

Come on then my lovelies – let’s hear some secrets :)

3 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged – Twice :)

  1. thanks for the tag. I will have to try and think of a few more things that people dont know about me.<br>I am a pretty open book;.

  2. Fun! Thank you for tagging me! :), allie

  3. I&#39;ve never wanted children either and will never change my mind. If it wasn&#39;t for this thing in my arm I would be pushing to get sterilized. (I hate children but don&#39;t want to see them hurt. well maybe the little brats around here :p)<br><br>Don&#39;t think I have ever had nutella but I love peanut butter πŸ˜€

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