More Auriculas

Well, as promised last week, the sun came out gently again today (and yesterday) so off I went to Mum’s garden to grab some more shots of her auriculas. Have to say I am really pleased with how these turned out so I will stop blathering on and just let the photos speak for themselves :)


11 thoughts on “More Auriculas

  1. My kid&#39;s school colors are maroon and gold–so those colors are really beginning to grow on me….this clinches it! lol Your photos are just gorgeous!<br>Smiles, Karen

  2. Gorgeous photos!<br>I wanted to thank you for the little push that you gave me, when considering Pinkdoodle. I did it – with minimul conversion issues:)<br>Thanks again!

  3. very beautiful as usual! I wish I had such pretty flowers in my garden!

  4. I have never seen them before – they are most beautiful – especially the dark red with the yellow center!

  5. These are gorgeous! I don&#39;t know that I&#39;ve ever seen these before.<br><br>Thank you for coming by my site &amp; leaving some love for my Green Thumb Sunday photos. I&#39;ve never used Gerberas as anything but cut flowers, so it will be interesting. 😉

  6. Lovely photo&#39;s. I&#39;m not really familiar w/ auriculas, but I&#39;ll look for them on my next shopping trip. <br>Sara

  7. Stunning! That maroon &amp; yellow one is beautiful:)

  8. Thank you Aiyana – the maroon and yellow is a &#39;named&#39; variety but Mum&#39;s lost the tag! The more detailed and defined the markings the more special it is, apparently.<br>Happy GTS to you too :)

  9. More beautiful photos. I like the maroon and yellow ones. I never think about using this color combo, but the flower proves it is a great combination. Happy GTS,<br>Aiyana

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