My Moo’s have arrived!

Yaaayyyyyyy! I must admit, I was a bit disappointed with the sample mini Moos I received a couple of years ago. The odd size did not work well with my photos although the cardstock quality was very good so whilst everyone else has been raving about them, I was a bit ‘meh!’

But fairly recently, they have launched the bigger, standard business card size so I dived in and they arrived yesterday morning. To say I am happy with them is a bit of an understatement – I love them! To have 50 different cards showing my best work is great, so now, when I hand out a business card, I can let the person choose one :)

I’m not sure they would be cost effective for your ordinary, everyday type business card – I wouldn’t expect my accountant or pensions advisor to have glitzy, fancy business cards but in the arty, crafty, niche worlds they are perfect! My niece and nephew have already claimed a few for themselves – straight onto their bedroom walls with blu-tack so that gave me a little buzz too – whilst they know I take photographs, abstract flowers aren’t really their thing after all!

2 thoughts on “My Moo’s have arrived!

  1. Oh wow love the new size of the Moo cards much better.<br>They look fantastic with your photos on them.

  2. I love moo cards. i didnt realize they had gone to larger more standard business card sizing. Thats awesome. <br>good job,your photos look great!

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