Open Gardens

I missed yesterdays GTS due to a stonking headache – caused ironically by being in various gardens all afternoon! Each year, there is an Open Gardens event in my town in aid of a local hospice. I make it a point to attend but have narrowed it down to 3 or 4 gardens I visit almost every year. This year I was on my own as Mum is away (cruising the fjords – lucky moo) so I just did 3 gardens – 1 of my favs and 2 that were near but new to me. Here’s two of my favourite photos of the day :-)

Both of these are slightly different to my usual approach. I caught the late afternoon sun just dappling these plants and decided to try it. I think the geranium was particularly successful – I love how the light just catches the top right of the flower and sort of lights up the rest. The fern is just cropped slightly – no other post processing at all which is unusual for me. I usually do a few minor tweaks just to improve contrast and general balance between shadows and highlights but I actually prefer the untouched version this time.

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