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Learning to Sell Photos Online

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Well, It’s been a long while since I posted here but I’m definitely back, kicking butt & taking names now. Life got really screwy there for a while, illness, divorce, gaming addiction and now unemployment so I’ve decided to go back to what I love and sell my photos online.

I don’t feel hugely qualified to make this a photography tutorial type blog but I want to do more than just show off my work so I thought I’d write about my efforts in selling my photos online. I’m sure there are many amateur photographers out there who would love to make some extra cash so if you like taking photographs but haven’t braved selling them yet, come join me on my journey and we can travel together.

Selling Photos Online – The Plan

My goals are quite simple – I’d like to be making a very good part-time wage from my photos by the end of the year, say $1000 per month. I’m sure more is possible but I feel that’s a realistic target for now.

The why is even simpler – I’m in love with a gorgeous American and I need to pay for flights to go see him!

The how is not so straightforward and that’s where this blog comes in. Initially, I’m filling up my Zazzle store and my Etsy shop. I’ve also published my first book – Improve Your Flower Photography – on Kindle a few weeks ago and I have plans for a few more. I also sell my photos online via several microstock sites but I haven’t uploaded any new stuff for a couple of years.

I’m going to document my progress as well as discuss different places to sell your photos online. There are so many options now, there’s bound to be lots to talk about!

If you’re interested in selling your photos online, please feel free to drop a comment below. I’d love to know sites you’ve tried or problems you’ve encountered. Join me in my journey and let’s travel together towards that extra income!

One thought on “Selling Photos Online – Join My Journey

  1. Hi Helen,

    I just finished reading your book, picked up some very useful pointers! I have recommended it to several of my friends. I have checked out some of your photo sites and love your work!

    Have you checked out the web site for selling your photos? It was recommended to me by a relative who has a framing business, he uses it for prints for some of his clients. I haven’t tried it out yet but plan on setting up an account to start selling my photos there soon.

    I look forward to seeing more of your awesome work!

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