Snails, Snails and more Snails

I missed last week ‘cos I was away on holiday in Menorca and I don’t have any new stuff from my own garden because I’ve been washing/drying and ironing for most of the last 2 days! But I did get some vaguely garden related piccies whilst I was on hols so I thought I’d post them.

I usually go on holidays around May time so often catch places in their spring colours. Cyprus was all yellow and white wild flowers with a teensy bit of pink. Menorca on the other hand, is pinks and purples with the odd splash of white (cow parsley) and some patches of red poppies. This piccy shows some pale pink convolulus and what looked like a clover but in lilac. There was another convolulus in many places which was a very deep bluey-purple and with really quite large flowers. It was all past its’ prime by the time I got there though so no decent piccies.

The bane of my life with a garden full of hostas are snails – I can home to very lacy leaves so I have to get out there with the snail traps soon. Over in Menorca, I found this lovely little fella on a reed alongside a little boggy area. Never noticed them before but it looked a bit weird having this fat juicy snail on such a slender stem.


Further down the path, there was this huge number of snails on this grass like plant – this is only a small section of the plant but it was obviously very popular with the local snails!

More holiday photos to come soon but I wanted to get these ones up tonight. It seems like I always post late on a Sunday evening but that’s just the way my weekends work out I think. Back to work tomorrow which I have to admit, I’m really, really not looking forward to. There’s just so much stuff I want to be doing but it’s work that pays the bills so I guess I’ll have to drag myself out of bed anyway.

3 thoughts on “Snails, Snails and more Snails

  1. I LOVE that single solitary snail hanging on the blades of grass!<br>Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  2. Your photographs are wonderful! I especially like the one of the lone snail. What a great print that would make.

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