Society6 – New Outlet & First Impressions

I stumbled across Society6 the other day & after checking it out & chatting with a couple of old photographer friends, I decided to give it a go. Setting up an account is easy & it’s pretty simple to upload images for sale as art prints. After that though, I got a little confused!

I couldn’t find any of my images in the ‘new’ section, even after a couple of hours but from what I can gather in my searches so far, new images need a certain number of ‘hearts’ before they go into the shop. I did get a few hearts straight away & 2 followers as well so I followed them back & started looking for more information.

I also couldn’t work out how to get the notecards into my shop. It gave me the option to upload specific sized files for iPhone cases & laptop covers as well as tshirts but I just could not see the cards anywhere! Turns out the iphone cases are the same size files so it’s in there!

Anyway, this is as far as I got yesterday but now I have to promote my work – I guess I find other artists to follow, like their work & hope they like mine in return. I’ll also be adding it to my Facebook page & my twitter @artyallsorts if you want to follow along with my random musings :)