Spring is coming!

I can tell! The trees are beginning to bud, the daffodils are getting going and my mood is lifting. Over the last couple of winters, I have really noticed myself ‘switching off’ during November-February. Last year I spent the best part of 3 months playing an online game called Toontown rather than do anything with my photography, my online shops or even my stock portfolios. This year, it’s been The Dog Whisperer on TV and stupid games on Facebook but we’ve had 3 days of sun this week and already I’m beginning to feel more awake. Hopefully the longer days and warming temperatures will wake me up a bit more so I can get on with doing stuff.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of little cheeky guys who cheer up my lunchbreaks – captured on my new little point & shoot camera which is small enough to keep in my handbag or pocket at all times.
Being a 10mp camera means that not only are the file sizes huge in comparison to my older cameras but I can also crop very hard and still have a good size shot. It only has a 3x zoom so although I was only a few feet away from the squirrels, they were still quite small in the image so 1 hard crop later and it looks like I was much closer :)
Having said that, these little critters are so tame (or brave perhaps) that I’m pretty sure with a bit of patience and some tempting food, I could probably get them to eat out of my hand. That’s a project for some warmer, drier days though when I don’t have to dash back to the office.