The Sun Came Out!

Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far – it hit 22 degrees centigrade on our north facing verandah so it must have been much warmer in the actual sunshine. I actually managed to move my butt, pick up my camera and wander over to Mum’s garden (only about 30 yards away tho’) to take some photos.

Why Mum’s garden, I hear you ask. Well I’m not much of a gardener really – I know loads of flower/plant names and even quite a few of the latin ones but that’s just because I bought loads of gardening magazines a few years back when we were trying to design our garden. It never came to much but I did get to know quite a few plants! Mum on the other hand could probably spend all day, everyday pottering in her garden and mine as well now that hers is so full! She can never remember names though so between us, we make a good team!

One of her favourite flowers is the auricula family. She has about 20-30 different varieties in her little patch – some special named varieties in individual pots and the more common ones grouped in larger planters and troughs. These two photos are the best of the batch but once she’s home from holiday and can supervise me moving the special ones around for better lighting, I’m going to do some more.

In my garden, my hostas are just beginning to show through and my darling acer (japanese maple) is doing really well. He’s called Arnie ‘cos he’s grown from little more than a stick into a beautiful example of treehood! I used to name my special plants – Terry Triffid got eaten by our cockatiel and Sam the spider plant died of over watering. I’ve learnt much since then but still manage to kill houseplants on a regular basis.

Garden plants tend to fare a bit better – I only ‘look after’ them for the first few weeks to help them settle in – after that, they’re on their own. I think that’s probably a good thing given my past record, don’t you?

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7 thoughts on “The Sun Came Out!

  1. Your photos of the flowers are stunning! And I love your blog layout and design. Really nice…impressive!

  2. Beautiful flowers! and I love your blog. Thanks for the great input on my &quot;ideas&quot; post. I went ahead with pinkdoodle ( I haven&#39;t loaded the items yet but the shop is ready and holding) and the conversion thing is so much easier than I had thought – Thank you<br>You know us Americans, afraid of the world outside our box:)<br>Stop by when you have time

  3. very beautiful. I love gardening and it is always nice to read about others flourising plots!

  4. I love the fact that you give your plants a name :=)<br><br>Those little flowers are really pretty. I&#39;m not familiar with them. I love the colors!

  5. I’m just blog hoping though some Green Thumb Gardeners. I just became a part of this Meme.<br><br>Those are pretty flowers.<br><br>Stop by my place sometime.

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