Treasury Madness

Etsy has a feature called a treasury – individuals can put up a page of 12 items (with 4 in reserve) either on a theme or just items they like and it’s stays in the lists for 2 to 3 days then expires. It’s a form of promotion that is very popular and there is always a mad rush to get one when the window opens (the window opens when the number of treasuries reduce down to a specific number).

Until now, that number was 333 but when I popped in yesterday evening, it was up to 700! It seems there was a technical problem so admin decided to give us some extra spots to play with :)

So I popped into treasury west (a testing area but still functional) and up popped the window so I grabbed a spot. Many people have a list already prepared, just in case but I don’t seem to be around at the right time very often so I usually grab one then find stuff to fill it with. This time, I decided to go with photography (now there’s a surprise! and based it on my own current favourite, ‘Just a Whisper’.

There is some mighty talent on Etsy and especially in the POE team (Photographers of Etsy). We are slowly getting organised to promote photography on Etsy and there is a lot going on behind the scenes. They’ve recently started a blog to showcase our talents which makes for some good reading if you are ‘into’ photography or just like looking at fabulous photos.

One thought on “Treasury Madness

  1. Hi<br>I found your blog through a comment you had left in one of the etsy forums. I think your treasury is beautiful. I just nabbed my first ever one yesterday and it was lot&#39;s of fun doing it.<br>-Ruth

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