Tulip Mania

I’ve been tagged but as I was tagged a little while ago – I’m taking some time to think about 7 different random facts that may be interesting as opposed to just facts – if you see what I mean! So, what’s that got to do with Tulips – well nothing really except both have come from comments on my blog – Yeeee Haaa (insert little happy dance icon here!) I got comments :)

Tulips – Mrs Kwitty left a comment so I wandered over to her blog to have a nosey about and she’s blogged about the Cottage Style Street Teams’ Tulip challenge. Now I’m not a member of the Cottage Style team but I do have some tulips so I thought I’d share some with you too.

This pink and cream one is a weed – in that it sprouted in a large pot of bright yellow tulips – obviously a wayward bulb from another bag got in there somehow. I was so pleased with this one, I entered it to a national competition. Didn’t get anywhere but it was worth a try.

The deep purple/pink one came from a cheap bunch from the garage (gas station to my US friends). I needed something to shoot for a friends birthday card and she loves purple. It’s heavily cropped because it had opened fully and was on the verge of dropping petals so there are gaps between the petals at the edges of the photo which I found distracting. The end result is one of my only square photos – I just don’t seem to be able to ‘do’ square formats. I’m working on some panoramics at the moment and having trouble with them too – I’m obviously a rectangular sort of person :)

3 thoughts on “Tulip Mania

  1. Yes, amazing details! Simply gorgeous!

  2. My tulips are just now starting to come up. I cant wait. Your tulips are beautiful. I love the detail on the second picture!

  3. My goodness, those are beautiful! I LOVE that pink and cream one!!

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