Wasp Invasion!

We had a bit of excitement here at Allsorts Towers this week! Hubby has been complaining of hearing little crawly/rustly type noises in the attic for a week or two now (didn’t stop him snoring though!) so we stuck our heads up through the attic hatch and found out very quickly what the problem was – WASPS! So one quick phone call to the pest control guy and it was all dealt with in double quick time.

I’m not a great fan of chemicals and poisons but wasps freak me out somewhat so it had to be done. Not to mention there are young children and elderly people in the immediate neighbourhood who could have been hurt if the wasps swarmed nearer the end of the summer. We’ve had to wait a couple of days before going back into the attic but we braved it today and I took my camera with me.
The beam on the left is about 6 inches (15cm) so you can gauge how big this thing is! We can’t get to it to see how far back it goes (mind you, I don’t really want to get too close anyway!) but hubby reckons it a miniature Borg Cube – resistance is futile and all that :-)
Luckily I had guessed I wouldn’t be able to get too close so I had taken my long lens with me. The quality is not brilliant but you can see how amazingly intricate it is from this shot. I may have to persuade hubby to try and retrieve it (with gloves on though) so I can get some wonderful macro shots – sort of an apology to all the wasps that were killed for our safety/convenience.
It’s been a very grey week – constantly threatening rain but never actually raining. I work about 20 miles away and Thursday morning we had an almighty downpour with thunder and lightening. I thought ‘good, I won’t have to water the garden tonight’ but when I got home, my town had had a little shower – not even enough to completely wet the bottom of the water butt! So it was back to the watering can duty for me. Hope you’ve had a good week and your gardens are growing well, catch you next time :)

4 thoughts on “Wasp Invasion!

  1. that does kinda look like a Borg cube…give it some green hues and it's good to go! Scary situation with wasps, i'm terrified of them (and I hate that fact…) so even reading this freaks me out a bit!

  2. Good thing you found out what was going on up there. The second photo is great, intricate work goes into their building, doesn&#39;t it?<br>Peace, Judi

  3. We had wasps trying to make a nest in the garden umbrella. We had been away for 2 weeks so it wasn&#39;t used, so I guess they figured they could just move right in!! I&#39;m not a fan of pesticides either but I did get some wasp spray to get rid of them. <br>Thanks for stopping by <a href="http://craftygardener.blogspot.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">The Gardener Side</a><br><br>PS – we lived in a small

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