Winter Blues

I’ve never really noticed the Winter Blues in previous years but I have so many things I should or want to be doing and suddenly a whole winter has disappeared and I’ve achieved nothing. I honestly don’t think I’ve even picked up my camera since mid-Sept :(

Looking back, I think it started in late August – I had almost 2 weeks of emergency babysitting to do, so to stop any little accidents, I put my tabletop studio away. Not a big thing in itself but we then had a death in the family in September and as the nearest relatives, we had to sort everything out – so the studio stayed packed away. It was October before we could have the funeral and November before the bulk of the estate was sorted out.

I’m one of those bah-humbugs who dislikes Xmas intensely so December is always an irritating month and I was ill through much of January. So now it’s almost the end of February but we’ve had a week or so of bright (but very cold) sunshiney days and I can feel myself coming alive again.

But now I’m more aware, I can see how much everything has slipped. Adding a post to my blog is my first attempt at kicking my own butt back into gear.

I’ve updated my blog list and added my own places around the web so if you want to have a look at some of my more extensive portfolios, you can :) I’ve been trying to chat a bit more in the UK Etsy Sellers thread and adding comments on various Flickr but it’s all a bit half hearted at the moment. It’s a start though :)