Woo Hoo 1st Fractal Accepted

I submitted some of my fractals to Shutterstock in the hope of them being saleable – turns out one of them was :) Given that the current job market is so rubbish, I’m hoping that I can up my output on microstock to compensate a little so although I’ve still got a lot to learn about fractals, it’s nice to know that even at this early stage, some will be acceptable.

5 thoughts on “Woo Hoo 1st Fractal Accepted

  1. Beautiful image, Helen; and congrats on the stock acceptance of it!<br>Peace, Judi

  2. that is beautiful, well done!

  3. Congratulations! The fractal images you&#39;ve been sharing are mesmerizing. Hope you continue having fun exploring with them. Cheers!

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