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This week was our last competition of the year so I wanted to make sure I had 2 mono prints and 2 colour prints. Unfortunately after the woozy winter I’ve had, I’m reduced to hunting through my back catalogue so at 6.30pm on Friday, I was still printing and mounting them when my printer decided to quit half way through the second colour print :(
I was pleased with the 2 mono prints – I went for a scenic silhouette of London and a funny one of my niece. Got a second and a third place so that was OK – I may have won the trophy for mono this year – I think I was 2 points ahead of Tom at the last competition and he only beat me by half a point this time :)
I didn’t do so well with my colour print this week. I know it probably sounds big headed and maybe I shouldn’t even say it but I usually get at least one place in both sections. This week there were some cracking shots and mine just didn’t have the ‘Oomph’ that they did. I still like it and it looks lovely as a notecard but obviously not a good choice for competition!
Oh well, I’ll learn to keep my types of photography seperate one day. This is partly my problem with my attempts to sell prints – I know what sells as stock and I’ve been OK with competition stuff but what makes good stock/competition doesn’t necessarily mean good for someone’s living room wall.

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