Darn – I’m so slow sometimes! – Giveaway Too :)

I’ve just popped over to the POE team blog to have a look at some of the fantastic images produced by this talented bunch and spotted this link to a video slideshow on Youtube which the lovely, generous and patient Bill (Houseofsixcats) has put together for our team. I had the email and put it in my to-do folder and then missed the deadline completely! DOH :(

Anyway, there will be more slideshows up coming so now I have to decide which ones to submit. I’m currently on a bit of an abstract/high key kick so I’m thinking Pink Blush and Delicate but my Green Ladies and Three Fishing Boats always seem to get the most reactions – what do you think my lovely readers?

Pop over to my Etsy shop and suggest your two favourites for me to submit for the next slideshow – I’ll put all the names in a hat (metaphorically at least!) and the winner will get a 7×5 inch print of each of their 2 suggested prints.

Make sure to leave your contact details, either via a blog link or shop link in your comment so I can contact you if you are the winner. Deadline is midnight Sunday 19th October (wherever you are) and I will post a winner on Monday 20th.

11 thoughts on “Darn – I’m so slow sometimes! – Giveaway Too :)

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I&#39;ve tagged you! Please visit my blog for details!<br>Thanks <br>Angie

  2. Bird in a Tree, Bhudha in a tree and red bottom boats are my favs. OK. I picked three! too hard to pick just 2

  3. It&#39;s hard to choose! I love &quot;Bird in a tree&quot; and &quot;Bhudda in a Tree&quot;!

  4. hi! saw your post on the poe thread on etsy!<br>beautiful shop!<br>i love these 2:<br>barn owl and pink blush!! :)<br><br>-michelle<br>zuppaartista.etsy.com

  5. Helen, personally I love &quot;Just a hint&quot; and all of your other flowers (including the two in this post), the &quot;Three Fishing Boats&quot; is right up there as a favorite, too.<br>Guess we should all be getting ready for the October slide-show?<br>Peace, Judi

  6. Amazing photography!<br><br>I love your floral macros, but you have a Bird in a Tree print. Birds and Trees will always capture my heart first :)<br>Green Ladies is so vivid and fascinating, so it would be the second one I would choose.<br><br>Don&#39;t miss the next deadline – more people need to see your fabulous art!<br><br>heidig@gmail.com

  7. Hello hon I am tagging you….of course you don&#39;t need to do it if you don&#39;t want to :) I was tagged to reveal 6 secrets about myself and then tag 5 others so thats the dealio.<br><br>Sakura ♥

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