Day 30 – Another beautiful day on the seawall

The sun came out again today and stayed out for most of the day but there is a definite nip in the air. I changed angle today and also popped a circular polariser on – you can just see the effect in the top right corner – I obviously didn’t get it quite right on this one! Once I’ve walked across the waste ground to get to my spot on the seawall, this is the view if I turn my back on the sea. The white sails in the centre are at a quay at the bottom of one of the steepest hills in the county. Quite a terrifying hill when you are a learner driver and your instructor wants you to do a hill start! Even now, driving an automatic car, I still hate to stop on that hill so I usually go the long way round.
The weather forecast is good for tomorrow as well so I’ll take a wander along to the quay again and see what I can find over there. It’s a bit industrialised so I’m not sure how much access I can get but there is a bit of a towpath the other side (heading inland) so I’ll have a wander over there too.