Day2Day – Bit late again!

I’ve been fairly poorly this week so although I did manage to scrape together enough energy to take a shot or two, I just haven’t had the will to actually blog them! So here goes, although it is Sunday and the next lot start tomorrow :)

Monday – put my back out late yesterday so curled up with painkillers and the tv today.

Tuesday – made it to the back door today! Looked up and saw this lovely leaf stuck to the roof of my verandah and snapped it. End of energy!

Wednesday – woke up with a sore throat, aches and a bit of a cough which was closely followed by a runny nose and complete lack of any energy or brainpower! I even forgot to reset the white balance for this one and just couldn’t be bothered to re take it!

Thursday – still feeling fairly crap but spotted this chappie stuffing his face so grabbed the camera, swapped lenses and dashed back to catch him (that all sounds fairly energetic but it was more of a slow motion dash, you know?). I needn’t have worried, he was still there, intent on clearing the seeds completely so none of the other birds in the neighbourhood could get some too.

Friday – still feeling listless and no inspiration either but I was sooooo bored of daytime TV. Grabbed this shot of some incense cones just to fill the spot really. Bought them a few weeks ago to try some smoke photos but haven’t got around to it yet!

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