Day2Day – restarted :)

Well, I’ve started on the Project365 challenge on Flickr which is 1 photo a day for a year so I thought I may as well continue with the Day2Day at the same time. This week, they are one and the same but sometimes I do want to take more than one shot so this way I can do 1 shot for D2D and one for Proj365 :) See, I’m not just a pretty face!

Monday – I set my light tent up to shoot some stock and this is one of my favs.

Tuesday – Harry, the neighbours cat sitting on my dusty car roof.

Wednesday – tea at Mum’s and she pulled this out of the oven as we arrived! Mmmmmmm :)

Thursday – a little bit of traditional British street furniture – not so common these days unfortunately.

Friday – More stock to work on and upload but these are 2 of my roses from last Valentines Day from hubby.

4 thoughts on “Day2Day – restarted :)

  1. Those are great photos, love the variety!

  2. Great shots this week, that dried sunflower is amazing.<br>Keep up the great work.<br>Peace, Judi

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