Day2Day – Skies and an odd one

I started off this week with the idea of a Sky theme but I didn’t fancy pointing my electronic camera upwards in the heavy rain that fell all day Friday so there’s an odd one at the end!

Monday – grey all day but then the sun came out long enough to do this.

Tuesday – very grey again and this weird cloud formation.

Wednesday – More rain for most of the day but the evening had some lovely white fluffy clouds and the starlings were flying high as usual. I also shot some textures today so had a play by overlaying a dark edged texture over this and playing with blending modes in photoshop. I think this was a colour burn mode in the end.

Thursday – I got my car back from the garage yesterday so I planned on taking my camera to work but the weather forecast was horrible so I didn’t. This is a camera phone shot of the bit of estuary near my office. I just made it back before the skies opened once again.

Friday – I did take my camera with me but even though I went back down to the river estuary, the heavens opened whilst I was there so I made a run for it. Standing getting my breath back and chatting to a colleague, I spotted this angle on the arches so grabbed my camera phone again for an insurance shot! I didn’t like any of the shots from my brief excursion in the rain but I did like this one – especially after I played with it a bit. Converted to mono, added a slight sepia tone then overlaid with the same texture as the blue sky shot on Wednesday. Hidden in the shadows are a couple of cars and a few bits of building site so definitely needed to do something in Photoshop! :)

2 thoughts on “Day2Day – Skies and an odd one

  1. Those photos are so beautiful. I love that last one, in black and white. I try to get into the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere, but…haha, I always forget. :P<br><br>Lovely blog, btw!

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