Day2Day – this weeks unmissable photos! LOL

Monday – severely lacking inspiration again so delved in my weird things box and found this! Liked the colours. Answers on a postcard please :)

Tuesday – nature provided the inspiration today – the sun caught the few remaining leaves on this tree and made them glow. Not sure I’ve caught the glow but I like it.
Wednesday – Paper bags for my first foray into the world of craft fairs. Minimum order was 1000 for the 2 smaller sizes and 500 for the big pink bags so 2500 bags for 2 craft fairs – gosh, I hope I sell something!
Thursday – I thought I’d been seeing a little wren at the bottom of the garden but it turns out to be this little brown bird instead – a dunnock or hedge sparrow. Not very sharp – long lens through glass at 7.30am but you get the idea :)

Friday – borrowed a small-ish table top display easel from an artist friend of mine. It will form part of my craft fair table display. I really like how my framed print looks on an easel – may have to splash out and get a couple more if I continue this craft fair lark.

5 thoughts on “Day2Day – this weeks unmissable photos! LOL

  1. I've tagged you! You can see my post for more information. Its 6 facts about yourself, and then tag 6 people x

  2. scrap that bit about emailing me. I have lost the plot. See you at wemake 😀 xx

  3. Ooh the purpley thing. Is it purple kryptonite?<br><br>PS. Good luck with the craft fairs!<br>PPS. Please email me with your addy so I can send you a munkie badger 😀 x

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