Day2Day – week 2

This week has been hellish busy at work but I’ve been a good girl and still managed to pull something out of the camera for the Day2Day group daily challenge. If you haven’t seen this group, the idea is to take a picture every day, Monday to Friday of something ordinary but beautiful, in order to improve your photography or just for a challenge.

Started off the week a bit late so had to find something that was still getting some sunlight in the evening – ta-dah a bud of the mysterious 5ft visitor – turns out it’s a verbascum.

Tuesday – the sun was just dropping as I got the camera out so another quick dash to get this lovely pink Candytuft. Gave it quite a hard crop, not only to get rid of some of the background rubbish but also to experiment with a square format.

Wednesday – inspiration struck as this was quite dull in colour – pop the red leaf in photoshop. All I’ve done is convert the original to black and white using a channels mixer layer, then erased that layer over the red leaf.

Thursday – another race the evening sun shot – this time using the shadow as part of the picture.

And last but not least Friday – a beautiful Spirea Japonica ‘Shirobana’ flower. This shrub was a cheap find in the bargain bucket somewhere. It was just a stick with 2 buds but has been flowering every year for about 10 years now. The flowers are white, pink or a mixture of the two. This is a closeup (obviously!!) of a white flower head.

2 thoughts on “Day2Day – week 2

  1. Great shot of the incredibly soft verbascum!

  2. I LOVe that black and white with the red popping leaf! Great photoshopping!!

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