Day2Day – Week 4 Mix It Up!

Well this week was another hectic week at work so I wasn’t really concentrating or even thinking about my Day2Day so it’s a bit of a mix this week.

Day 1, Monday, dawned with blue skies and fluffy little clouds – just in time to go back to work after a wet weekend.

Day 2, Tuesday, was a lovely hot day but then some really heavy showers and a bit of thunder in the evening. The skies cleared around sunset just in time to colour the clouds around the moon rising.Day 3, Wednesday – can’t really remember what sort of day it was, just a really, really busy one. The sun did break through around teatime, just long enough for me to water Mum’s pots and get a shot of her new Clematis.
Day 4, Thursday – another grey day all day but no rain. Had to boost this one a little in photoshop but you get the idea :) Gigantic allium heads hanging up to dry and making themselves irrestible to my macro lens :)
And last but not least, Day 5, Friday (Yay!!) playing with abstracts again – this time one of Mum’s alstromerias – also known as a Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas. I like the colours in this one but perhaps the markings should be more in focus? Hmmm not sure.

I hope you’ve had a good week. Schools are breaking up for the summer this weekend and that usually means less traffic for me. This year, that also means more evening sunlight to shoot in so I’m looking forward to it too.

3 thoughts on “Day2Day – Week 4 Mix It Up!

  1. Lovely new ones, what a great idea to do one new one each day.<br>I&#39;m adding your blog to my blog list.<br>See you around Etsy.<br>Peace, Judi

  2. Your day to days are amazing! you show your photography knowledge and skills very well :)

  3. Your photography is just gorgeous! Enjoyed looking at all your pictures.

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