I often talk about Mum’s garden but the truth is, Mum does a lot in my garden too so I sort of think of the plants as hers although the mess and weeds are mine! But I do have one or two plants that I have chosen, bought, nurtured (and killed) and this hosta is one of them. It has flowered faithfully every year since I bought it and has even survived a broken pot and being replanted. I thought I would pay homage to my hosta by immortalising one of the flowers here in my blog :)

It’s been very hot here for the last few days but I had to do some watering even though I was melting! This little fella decided to sing me a song to keep me company so I very carefully came indoors, grabbed my camera and went back outside. With the camera in front of my face, he didn’t get spooked so I kept quietly talking to him and clicking away until I was only about 2 feet away – this was the best shot as he looked at his reflection in the lens I think but I even managed to get the highlight in his eye.

Needless to say, I was chuffed to bits but I just backed away again, still with the camera in front of my face until I though I was far enough away not to spook him. I was wrong, as soon as I removed the camera, he flew off with an alarm call to wake the neighbourhood!

7 thoughts on “Hostas

  1. those look great. I love the flower shot and the way those stamens(??) curl upwards. Very cool

  2. Great photos. I love the way you&#39;ve highlighted the stamens on the flower. <br>Aiyana

  3. how does one take photos so well at just the right moment? :) i rarely capture anything beautiful like that

  4. Arty,<br>Great shots, hope you&#39;re going to post them both on Etsy. Great job getting so close to the bird; in my yard they don&#39;t stay around long enough to get the camera and come back out. Nice job.<br>Peace, Judi

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