I’ve Been Tagged – part 2

I’ve been “tagged” – a great way to introduce yourself to other bloggers. Judi tagged my blog, so now it’s my turn to tag a few other bloggers.Here are the rules:

Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

Share seven facts about yourself on your blog – some random, some weird.

Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Well, there’s a lot of tagging going on at the moment and many of my fav bloggers have already been tagged so if you are reading this and haven’t been tagged yet – drop me a comment to let me know you’re playing and I’ll come be nosy and say Hello :)

1) I love dogs – all shapes, sizes and breeds but hubby is allergic so I have to fuss other peoples’ dogs (usually in the street!). (The photo is my bro, me (aged 6-ish) and my dog that we grew up with).

2) I have freckles – lots of them all year and even more in summer.

3) I’m not really a chocoholic – although I do usually choose a choc based dessert – if there’s cheesecake on the dessert menu (whatever flavour), the cheesecake will win everytime!

4) If my old English teacher knew I had voluntarily started a blog to write stuff, she would probably die of shock (so don’t tell her please – she was quite old 25 years ago)!

5) I talk – a lot! Hubby’s best friend once said that until I’d spoken to a stranger, my day wasn’t complete and I think he may have been right. I also carry this over to forums and chat rooms – one or two word answers just aren’t within my capabilities. LOL

6) I love maths and science – if I hadn’t messed up at school between 16-18 – I would have studied toxicology at university.

7) Before I was made redundant, I used to read a book almost every day (or at least every 2 days). Since then, I’ve probably only read about 20 books but I now have a blog list of over 100 blogs that I read regularly and also the Etsy forums keep me reading for hours sometimes.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged – part 2

  1. love the pic of you with the dog heh!! nice snippets of you too 😀

  2. i'm having the same tagging trouble! I've been tagged three times in 10 days! I can't keep writing 7 things about myself or find 21 new blogs to tag that haven't been tagged already that I pop into regularily! its becoming a pain now!

  3. Helen, thanks so much for playing along with the tagging – such fun to learn about our online friends. <br>Peace, Judi

  4. If hubby was allergic to dogs we would have to get divorced :p

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