Just a Bit of Fun

Well, after such a busy week, I’ve been in a ‘bleh’ mood today so I’ve just been pootling around the internet, reading blogs, randomly following links and finding all sorts of fun/quirky or interesting little tidbits. The picture for today comes courtesy of Wordle, a clever application that takes all the words in your blog (or any other piece of text) and makes a picture out of them. It’s a bit like the tag cloud but this one allows you to change colours, fonts, orientation etc. I found one here but I have vaguely heard of them before.

I had a bet with hubby that photos or photography would be the biggest word but no, it wasn’t and I’m very surprised about that. It’s so pretty too and best of all – you can put it on a t-shirt if you want – have a look through the gallery to see what other people are doing with their wordles. I might try to write a few more posts without using some of those words and see how it changes – could be fun to try not to use words like day or weeks. I supposeI could just do a whole post with one word but that would be cheating! Have fun :)

One thought on “Just a Bit of Fun

  1. How cool, I&#39;ll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!<br>Peace, Judi

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