Just a couple more – I promise :)

Just a couple more piccies from the Open Gardens day – there were quite a few garden ornaments and statues around – these two were nicely lit by the afternoon sun but many of the other were either completely overgrown/overshadowed or too way out there for my liking.

What I’d really like to know is… why are so many garden statues of naked or semi naked ladies? I’m guessing these are based on some classical (and probably famous) statues of a certain era but I don’t understand why an 80 year old lady would want these staring at her from the corners of her shrubbery! Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not a prude or embarrassed by nudity (remind me to tell you about getting changed in a busy public car park one day!) but I suppose my classical education must be severely lacking or something. I just don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to stuff like this.

I have a garden statue but I haven’t photographed it for some reason – maybe I should do that and post it so you can tell me you don’t ‘get’ my taste! LOL

One thought on “Just a couple more – I promise :)

  1. Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous! I've always loved garden statues!! Beautiful!

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