Just a Few Pretties

Mum and I toddled along to our local RHS garden (Royal Horticultural Society) this week. We were pretty lucky the weather held out for us but my gosh, it was really windy on the top of that hill. Anyway, given the wind speed, I’m surprised I got any good flower photos but I did manage to get a few so here they are for your perusal :)

A whole border full of these lovely coneflowers (echinacea?) with a wispy grass background. The bees were buzzing merrily. Mum has some of these in her garden at the moment but having seen them in a swathe like this, we both agree, she needs some more for better effect next year.

This fiery spikey dahlia was right outside the coffee shop – where I had chocolate cake for breakfast! Mmmmmm, naughty!

These lovely bright rudbeckias were just calling out for a photo session. Unfortunately, they are quite leggy creatures so were badly affected by the wind. This is about the only one that was presentable :)

And my favourite shot of the whole day – a lovely buttery yellow ball of loveliness adorned by her very own sparkles, courtesy of the UK summer :)

3 thoughts on “Just a Few Pretties

  1. I have coneflower and rudibeckia in my garden and I just love them.<br>of course they dont look nearly so pretty as your pictures!!

  2. Lovely pictures of the flowers and the butterflies

  3. Such great shots of these beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing.<br>Peace, Judi

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