Late Night Post and Run!

Well, it’s ten minutes to bedtime and I’ve finally caught up on most of my tasks for the day. Last on my list was to blog about my 1st Etsy anniversary but I’ll do that tomorrow evening – I want to do a bit more thinking on that one first.

So what can I waffle about for ten minutes and get the formatting straight as well? Maybe you’d like to see some of my portrait work? If you’ve not visited my Vox blog (and if you’re like me, you probably haven’t!) you won’t have seen these. I went on a few photoshoot weekends organised by some of the London iStockers and one by iStock itself in Barcelona (oh wow, what a city!). Loads of photographers, loads of models and proper makeup artists and stylists and some pretty nifty locations too. I absolutely love this Blue Boy and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. The photoshopping into a blue toned image was a bit of a fluke but it worked so well, I kept it!This mono print was gorgeous in colour. It was originally a vertical shot with her beautiful dark hair against vibrant green bamboo hedge but I needed a mono shot for one of my camera club competitions so I converted it. Hubby happened to glance over and suggested a really tight crop and extending the black background and hey presto – one competition winning monochrome image :)

Anyway, that’s my ten minutes up, my bed is calling. More waffling tomorrow I promise :-p

2 thoughts on “Late Night Post and Run!

  1. Wow u lucky lucky thing getting to photograph the blue boy! Great pic ; )

  2. Your photography is wonderful. That mono shot is fabulous. Blue boy certainly caught my eye :)<br><br>I voted in you poll…I like pictures of flowers, especially the really cool macro shots!

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