Look what I bought for my Mum :)

I love dichroic glass and when I showed some from Etsy to my Mum, she quite liked it too. So when Mothers’ Day rolled around this year, I headed straight to the Etsy search and looked for a UK Dichroic Glass pendant and this is what I found – Gisellery based in Devon.

Is this the most beautiful piece of dichroic glass – maybe not but my Mum certainly thought so :) She’s been wearing it since breakfast this morning and even went to change her top so it would ‘go’ better!
I know she gets fed up with me talking about Etsy all the time. I haven’t quite managed to get her internet savvy enough yet to search for herself but when she sees some of the other pendants in Giselle’s shop, I’m sure she will will grab her credit card and ask me to talk her through it!
I’ve put a few on my favourites list too and showed hubby every piece and ooh’d and aah’d so much, he actually asked me if he should leave the room! LOL
Here’s a couple more that I really like and almost chose for Mum but didn’t in the end. Go have a look for yourself – such a selection of colours, I’m sure there’s something for everyone.

4 thoughts on “Look what I bought for my Mum :)

  1. I will get a dichroic oendant at some stage but I can't make up my mind which! That is a headache!

  2. Can I be your mum???? How beautiful!

  3. Wow, these are all beautiful….and you have a lovely blog.

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