More Flowers from Mum’s Garden

Why Mum’s garden again, I hear you ask. Well, she’s the keen gardener, I’m just the flower photographer! My garden is very small and basic – mainly paved with one small border and a couple of shrubs on the other side for balance. The paving is a wildlife haven though – I have ants, woodlice, snails and loads of self-seeded ‘weeds’. It takes me about an hour a week just to keep it relatively clear of growth but I do potter a bit occasionally. Anyway, without too much more waffle, here’s a few beauties.


4 thoughts on “More Flowers from Mum’s Garden

  1. Lovely photos of a lovely garden!<br><br>I have found that when I add the photos to my post first, before typing anything in, then drag and drop them where I want the photos to be placed in the text it publishes the way it&#39;s supposed to look.<br><br>If I type first, then add photos, the sentences are all squished together and doesn&#39;t look at &quot;clean&quot;.<br><br>Also, everytime I do

  2. Beautiful flower photos. <br>I sometimes have to republish because the paragraphs have no space or too many spaces. It looks right on preview, but when it publishes, it&#39;s wrong. Another thing that happened occasionally is that a photo will disappear, even after several days. Just weird!<br>Happy GTS,<br>Aiyana

  3. great pictures and beautiful flowers.<br>I too have the same porblem with formatting on blog. Even htough I hit preview it never turns out the way in publishing as it does in the preview.<br>Oh well, yours looks great!

  4. Hey, thanks for the cloud photo!<br>Your mothers garden is lovely! I have the same problem with blogger, the preview never looks like the post. I don&#39;t think it can be fixed. I do the same publish, edit, publish, edit…

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