Moving Home – 1st Improv challenge

So todays’ random subject is Moving House suggested by the lovely Claire who is in the midst of this stressful process herself.

So shall I tell you about my moves or make some suggestions for making it easier? Hmmm, well as an adult I’ve only moved twice. Once was when I left home to live with boyfriend (later to be my hubby) so I only had a bedroom to empty and the second time was when we left our little council flat to move into this house.

We decided that we would do the move ourselves as it was only 2 miles across town – you know, hire a transit van, get the boys in to help and run back and forth. Well, we had 3 strapping lads loading and unloading the van and just little ole me packing the boxes. Except we only had about 10 boxes which we used over and over. Except they were shifting them faster than I could pack them. Except there was no sensible female at the new house to tell them where to empty said boxes. Are you beginning to get the picture?

In the end, I was just using my whole arm to just sweep stuff into the box or tipping a drawer straight in. Needless to say, it did not make for a very organised move although it wasn’t particularly stressful ‘cos we were laughing so hard most of the day. It took me weeks to find everything again though and even now, 14 years later, I still have the odd box tucked away in the back of a cupboard or in the attic which still hasn’t been sorted out!

So, what common sense suggestions would I make?

Pack the kettle and tea/coffee things last – even make up a coolbox with some sarnies, cutlery etc just in case you need it. A house is not a home until you’ve had that first cup of tea/coffee and besides, the removal men never say no to a cuppa!

Make up a mini toolkit and keep that separate too – a couple of screwdrivers, a sharp knife, some WD40, some lightbulbs (you wouldn’t believe what some people take with them!) and some strong tape.

If you’ve got kids – keep a few of their toys or games handy. They’ll get so bored – my parents kept some garden games out so at least we could play in the back garden while they were filling the house from the front!

Be prepared – get loads of boxes, label them up well and try to declutter as you pack. Try not to take all that crap with you ‘cos you’ll only have to find somewhere to put it in the new place :) (and if you can manage this one, you must be an amazing person because I don’t know anyone who starts packing early enough and is this organised)

So, tomorrow’s post is Art vs. Craft, suggested by LostintheForest. Could be a bit tough for me, this one – never really thought about it but I’ve got all day at work tomorrow to mull it over! If you have any random suggestions to add to my list, just leave a comment and I’ll get there eventually.

One thought on “Moving Home – 1st Improv challenge

  1. great moving tips!<br>we have moved quite a bit and it stinks!<br>I found that if you can get into your place early and are close by, taking non essentials over a little at a time helps it not seem so overwhelming.

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