Mystery Plant Revisited!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some photos of a mystery plant in Mum’s garden and asked if anyone had any ideas of what it may be. Well, Mum’s been away on holiday to the fjords of Norway and guess what? She managed to find a similar specimen and I’ve googled it extensively and can confirm (at least, going by the photos) that it is a Saxifraga Longiflora – there, learn something new everyday huh? Here’s the photos again to save you scrolling back :)

It’s still going strong at the moment but according to the Saxifrage Society, it will die back once it’s finished flowering. Propagation is via seeds so we are going to keep our eyes open and hope it produces some seeds before it dies. I’d love a couple of these dotted around my garden and as I’m only across the road from Mum, the conditions should be similar enough for it to survive. Mind you, it originates in the mountainous Pyranees so my mild little climate should be OK.

This post is brought to you by the wonders of modern technology (or Bloggers scheduled postings) as I’m off gadding about in London, meeting a load of lovely girls from across the country at a craft fair. See earlier post if you’re curious! :) Catch y’all next week, Happy GTS

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  1. Don&#39;t you love when a mystery is solved? I&#39;ve posted a couple of plants on my blog and others have identified them for me. I&#39;m always so happy to have the help!<br>Aiyana

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