New Notecards

Wow, I’ve been busy this week, hence no posts! It’s our financial year end at work so I’ve been sorting out all the last minute bits and pieces that should have been done already but just haven’t had the time! But I finally got a few minutes to myself today and have managed to put up 2 new notecards in my Etsy shop so ta-daaaaa here they are :)

I’ve got one or two others to list this week but I’m going to keep them for another post in case I run out of inspiration! I need to add a photo of the actual cards to my listings so my task this week is to print and photograph the individual cards – unless I can work some photoshop magic, of course. I bought a pack of wonderfully glossy prescored photocard blanks but I don’t really want to print them in case they don’t sell. Yes, I know I can use them myself (and I often do) but I’m trying to keep my ‘stock’ to a minimum and just print to order.

I did think about taking some into work and taking orders but as I’m a temp it seems a bit cheeky! Might have to ask the boss if it would be OK – see what he says. I’ve also got to design a bit of packaging. At the moment, I just put the card and envelope in a cellophane bag but I want to add an extra bit of paper with my details on – just looks a bit more professional in my opinion.

I’ve been trying to find a printing company that will print small runs of individual designs. I really don’t want 250 of each card – not only will it cost lots of dosh, it’s the space requirements too. Moo do individual prints but they actually work out quite expensive, especially if you want to sell them yourself. If you have any suggestions, I’d really appreciate some links/info.

7 thoughts on “New Notecards

  1. Oh, I love the second black and white in this post. Very beautiful! You really captured the transparency of the flower.

  2. Beautiful photographs! Thanks for the comment on my blog. You are absolutely right about the ease of conversion. I think we(Americans) envision it as being more difficult than it is. I checked out pinkdoodle a week or so ago and really like them – they remind of Etsy &quot;the early years&quot;:)<br>Please stop by again, we&#39;ll be posting our weekly ideas/questions every Sunday, then

  3. aw gee shucks – thanks gals :) I&#39;m tempted to do more in black and white – just got to get the ol&#39; camera lust going again!

  4. those are beautiful. i love the top card. It is stunning. The black and white really is very striking.

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