New Poll on Photography

I just read a thread about polls over on Etsy and as I’ve been thinking about it anyway (I do a lot of thinking about things!), I decided to have a go. I found one on Blogflux but couldn’t get it to work so came back to a basic blogger one.

I’d love to know what you think – I’m still developing as a photographer and haven’t really settled in any one particular genre or style yet. I love photographing animals but opportunities are a bit limited in my area and with my work schedule. I’m also not an early morning person so the thought of getting up and being on the road before dawn is totally alien to me. If I could go on another safari in Kenya, I would be soooo happy – we had amazing luck with our last trip and I got some super shots. I’ve got more experience now though and better equipment so I would love the chance to do it again.Please leave a vote – it’s just a click and will give me some ideas as to which direction to take my shop. As I’ve mentioned before, the hardest part for me, is deciding which image to list!

2 thoughts on “New Poll on Photography

  1. Beautiful pictures! Giraffes are my favourite animal, so love that one. The lion is also gorgeous!

  2. Instead of focusing (no pun intended) on a specific type of photography, concentrate on becoming the best photographer you can be. Learn, learn, learn, and then learn some more.<br><br>Once you acquire the necessary skills to be good at whatever genre you would like to specialize in, then you can focus on a particular type. If wildlife is your thing, there are always plenty of options, no matter

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